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Unions, Internet giants plan to revolutionize voting
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wanderingsalsero's insight:

This is about the most dumb-ass idea one could come up with if they really cared about democracy and fairness. Toss in the name “George Soros” and you’re absolutely guaranteed it’s going to be crooked.

Then factor in the pretty-much proven fact that the last two national elections where electronic voting was allowed was rigged and…there you have it. Patriots may as well just pack their bags and and buy a ticket to Panama.

I still cannot understand, ‘where is the outrage’ from the general public? Do they not have any understanding of human nature and history at all? If anything is worth doing the old-fashioned, vote-by-vote way, it should the election of high level public officials.

Plus factor in the involvement of ‘the unions’??!!

Yeah sure…those guardians of democracy and the Constitution, right?

And who the fuck is this so-called ‘online voter advocacy group funded by internet giants’??!! If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Who said there was anything wrong with the way people used to vote?

If this happens…. bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

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Things Boys Don’t Understand Part 3 - YouTube
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Please subscribe to my channel and my vlog channel! I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life. JennaMarbles Jenna…

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This girl is funny. I stumbled across the video just now and I recall seeing one of her videos somewhere else but I don’t know anything else about her. She likes dogs so she can’t be that bad.

Ahh…. I remember how I found it. I was looking for info on another subject and she had a video that was actually misleadingly labeled. But that’s OK in her case.

She’s got a good angle on her brand. I think some Salsera should do something like this…. like maybe Jorjette in Houston.


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Ever Hear of a “Nickel Ride”? Philly Cops Gave this Man One, Now Tax-payers are Giving Him $490K
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The tax payers of Philadelphia will be extorted to the tune of $490,000 to pay for the negligent and abusive actions of Philly cops. The city agreed to pay James McKenna the money last week to resolve a lawsuit he brought against them after his neck was broken in several places while in police custody. McKenna alleged…

wanderingsalsero's insight:

You know, this kind of ultimate outcome, i.e. where the ‘public’ winds of footing the bill when the cops are proven guilty but still none of the actual culprits (supposedly the public servants) are fired or penalized or brought to true justice in any way…it’s got to stop.

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The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes
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The public doesn’t seem to understand just how dysfunctional our financial regulatory system is, Michael Lewis writes. That may change today with a radio report from “This American Life.”

wanderingsalsero's insight:

It’ll take two clicks but you’ll come to the recordings referred to. This is another example of the ‘good ol’ boy’ network of mutual backside protection that goes on at these levels. These people think they’re above to law.

Some of you might remember that big stink (or it SHOULD have been big anyway) about the whistle-blower who documented how HSBC was actually laundering money for drug cartels. Nothing was done about that either.

They use a different term for it here but I remember in grad school we learned about the symbiotic relationship that regulators often have with the institutions they regulate. One really can’t get along without the other.

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Twenty-Three People Killed By American Police In The Span Of One Week - Liberty Crier
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At least twenty-three people were killed by officers from various United States police departments in the past week. That means about three people died in the custody or at the hands of police every day from September 18-24. The frequency […]

wanderingsalsero's insight:

If all of these victims were black, or if even a substantial part of them were, the streets would be like WW!. But since most of these people were dick-less ‘crackers’, who are afraid to take to the streets, it continues.

This issue of police is really where the real endangerment of the American middle-class starts. Tyranny has two ‘poles’….i.e. the top and the bottom. The bottom is in our communities and, fortunately, that happens to be where the most ‘we the people’ are. It’s where our strength is.

If spontaneous demonstrations were to break out across the nation against police brutality, I’d be willing to guarantee you that something would be done about it…at least temporarily.

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Russia Says Arctic Well Drilled With Exxon Strikes Oil
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Russia, viewed by the Obama administration as hostile to U.S. interests, has discovered what may prove to be a vast pool of oil in one of the world’s most remote places with the help of America’s largest energy company.

wanderingsalsero's insight:

This is another reason why multinational companies based in America are not (for the most part) truly American. They don’t owe their revenue to ‘we the people’. For that matter, I think the word ‘multinational’ is pretty much obsolete. It would be more appropriate to say ‘transnational’.

Two other factors figure into this though:

First: The Russians can probably learn to drill in these conditions reasonably quickly….and/or buy the technology and expertise somewhere else. They’ve got the money to buy it if they want to.

Secondly: The supposed significance of this discover assumes that oil stays the primary source of energy for the planet. That’s not assured by any means….i.e. there’s plenty of other competing technologies around, many of which have been bought and then locked up by big corporations until an economically advantageous time to bring them to market.

Thirdly: Don’t forget that the Nazis were making synthetic oil, and a lot of it, in WW2. The US got that technology and they’ve recently proven that they can duplicate it. They also know that oil is not produced the way scientists used to think it was…i.e. compression of phyto-organisms at great depth. They’ve pretty well proven that oil is continually being produced by a combination of heat and other catalytic factors deep within the earth.

Another thing to think about is that the NWO won’t want any part of the world sourcing their oil from none-NWO controlled ‘states’…like the US, Middle-East, et.al. 

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Why Holder Quit
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It’s oddly fitting that Attorney General Eric Holder – a stubbornly independent career prosecutor ridiculed by Barack Obama’s advisers for having lousy political instincts— would nail his dismount. But Holder, who began his stormy five-plus-year tenure at the Justice Department with his controversial “Nation of Cowards”…

wanderingsalsero's insight:

I’ll admit I haven’t been following this issue but what I read here makes perfect sense. “Big Sis” certainly fits the mold for the kind of lackey stooges that our Great Deceive would put in the AG’s position to cover his ass.

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Cops From The Lynn, Massachusetts Police Department Used Threats Of Arrest To Block Complaints - Liberty Crier
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While I was covering the one year memorial march for Denis Reynoso on September 5, I saw Lynn police officers, some in plainclothes, monitoring the protesters. Reynoso’s family have staged about half a dozen rallies in the year since a […]

wanderingsalsero's insight:

Police State behavior. You’ve got to ask yourself, ‘how would REAL public servants act?’ Certainly not like this.

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State lawmaker: Secession an option
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A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

wanderingsalsero's insight:

This is a rather long article and I only read half of it. But that’s all I needed to read to know that it just justifies everything I already felt and which clearly a lot of other people feel too…i.e. the feds simply can’t do what they’re doing if ‘we the people’ don’t want them too.

Sure, they can try in the same way that any bully tries things they really have no right to do. But that’s when we the people realize the necessity and in fact our legal and moral obligation to ‘push back’.

I think ‘pushing back’ comes in difference potencies and unfortunately too many people are still thinking that ‘over the counter’ democratic solutions are sufficient when there’re actually not. 

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Havana C - Yuly / El que la hace la paga Mp3 download
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I’ve bought some music from this site in the past. They’ve got a lot of stuff you’d not find anywhere else. This particular ‘fusion’ page in nice.

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