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ANGELIC SINGING of Bulgaria - Malka Moma - Neli Andreeva & Philip Kutev Choir - YouTube
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ANGELIC VOICES from BULGARIA - ”The most beautiful song in the world” - Malka Moma sung by Neli Andreeva & Philip Kutev Choir - music by the great composer…

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I have always thought this Bulgarian style of singing was about as close to Heavenly as we’ll find ‘on this side’.  There’s a lot of this style on YouTube too.  I’m going to watch some more.

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Christians, here’s solution to ‘gays’ suing your businesses
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A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

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Pretty slick idea on how business should handle the issue of doing business with gays in cases where they’re rather not to but worry about prosecution from liberal judges and LGBT lobbies.

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More Angelenos are becoming street vendors amid weak economy
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Sitting at her street vending booth with products arrayed neatly on a sequined purple tablecloth, Jackie Lloyd reflects nostalgically on the days when she had a steady salary and regular hours.

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This is sorta sad in some ways and my heart and admiration really goes out to these honest people doing what they have to do to survive.  I hope that God will bless them with success.  I think some of these people would probably do well in some of the MLM companies with good products (and there are many).

Avon, although it’s had some re-positioning problems and problems adjusting to ‘sales in the digital age’, would be a great opportunity for this lady too…I think.  

I have a lady friend in the Philippines who does very well with Avon and I think it’s a great company.

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News from The Associated Press
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A real basket-case of a country.  Frankly, I don’t see them every catching up with some major social chaos…. but they’ve got their ATOMIC weapons!!!

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President Obama: ‘Energized,’ not exhausted
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President Barack Obama may seem fatigued after nearly six years in office, but he said in an interview airing Sunday, he considers himself “energized” by what he hopes to accomplish before leaving the White House. Obama’s hair has grayed, and he’s spending less time worried about optics and more time on the golf course, but…

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Check our paragraph No 6.  If that’s not the statement with somebody who’s totally out of touch with reality, I don’t know what would be.  

What a fucking idiot.  Where’s his reality?  Here’s what it really is:

1.  The other two superpowers on the globe are laughing at us, our economy’s a wreck,

2.   Our currency is flying on a wing and a prayer,

3.   In the land that birthed The Constitution our actual rule of law is something that would make Stalin jealous,

4.   We kill more babies in the womb than the Nazi’s killed in the Jewish concentration camps,

5.   We’ve probably got the dumbest college graduates of any developed country, 

6.   In the land of the Pilgrims we’ve got Satanic masses being said on college property.

7.   We’ve got an Attorney General who promotes racial unrest.

8.   We can’t win a war against people who wipe their ass with their hand.

9.   Our government knows less about budgeting than the average Boy Scout.

10.  Our cops are feared more by law-abiding citizens than criminals.

11.  Our borders are less secure than Disneyland.

12.  Banks are the last place one would put money to save it.

13.  We’ve got a faux-president who wears a ring with the Muslim profession of faith on it.

14.  We’ve got a First Lady who is a disbarred attorney (along with her ‘hubby’) and who hates white people (i.e.approximately 50% of the people her husband is supposed to represent).

15.  And we give more money (even if it’s ‘fake’ money) to people who want to kill us than we give to our own people who actually need.

And this fucking clown says he ENERGIZED!

The only thing that’s ever energized him is the dope he used to smoke.

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▶ Nadishana-Kuckhermann-Metz ‘Riding North’ - YouTube
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http://nkm.nadishana.com Nadishana - dzuddahord David Kuckhermann - udu, cajon Armin Metz - 6-string fretless bass Filmed by Julia Surba Dzuddahord is a blen…

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I lied.  One more. Even more incredible. 

To notice here:  The bass is a frettless 6 string. (I used to have one but I really couldn’t play it :-)  Also…headless.

The guitar guy….his lower guitar neck is actually a 12 string!! but he does incredibly fast notes.  Amazing.  And catch the ‘harmonic’ chimes that he does right at the end.  That’s very hard on a double stringed instrument.

He doesn’t play the middle neck but he does, very briefly, strum the top ‘mini’ neck and it sounds like a sitar.

Uber cool.  That guy in the middle much be a musical genius.

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▶ “Saekhar”, studio version. Nadishana & friends, HD - YouTube
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http://nadishana.com It’s a studio version, made by overdubbing. You can see all 7 instruments at 6:17 Nadishana - bansuri, utar, cajudoo, cajon, concept & a…

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The last one for tonight, I promise.  But even better…it’s 7 musicians.  2 hang-drums (of some sort), a box drum, bass guitar, acoustic guitar(amp’ed probably), keyboard, and a holed flute.

And listen to (1) the incredible things the guy does on that primitive, holed flute, and (2) in the middle, some of the incredible jazz flashes the guitar guy does…and you can tell he really digs it. :-)

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Nadishana - Garrahand solo - YouTube
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Here’s another real nice one…I don’t know if this is also a hang drum.  What’s interesting about it though is…listen to the upper register notes this drum duo reaches. I think it’s the drum on the left that’s getting those notes.  Also this guy really has great tapping technique.

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▶ Hang (drum) and handpan duet Nadishana-Kuckhermann - YouTube
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CD available: http://hang-duo.com David Kuckhermann and Vladiswar Nadishana The featured instruments are: 1st Gen PanArt Hang Aeolian Tuning 2 SpBs by Victor…

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Here’s another one of those ‘Hang Drum’ videos.  I like the sound.  This video is interesting because of (1) It’s a duet so you’ll hear deeper harmonies, (2) both guys (but especially the guy on the right, show some awesome finger-techniques, i.e. rolls, multiple taps per hand, etc., and (3) it’s interesting to note that both guys have play multiple drums but each has one particular note that isn’t as melodious. 

For the guy on the right, it’s the note all the way on the other side of his primary drum.  It just goes ‘clungk’.  The guy on the left, toward the end of the routine, he uses the drum on his far left and it has a clunky sounding note on the 7:pm side. 

But still…it’s pretty.  I’d like to hear them play more Latin type stuff.  I’ll bet they could.

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Joan Rivers: The Entertainer
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A remembrance of a great and funny lady.

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Really nice story here from somebody who knew Joan Rivers.  Joan is one of those people who, in my mind anyway, deserves to meet God face-to-face.

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